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Michael kors handbags and Selma locks which look better
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Michael Kors brand story

In 1959, Michael Kors was born in Long Island to a jewish family, the original named Karl Anderson, JR, his mother Joan Mr. Hamburger Anderson Kors Krystosek when young, he was a model. When he was five years old, his mother remarried gave Bill Kors, and changes his name to replica michael kors handbags. At this point he has with his lovely little face for some companies to do ads, so his mother hope son can have a bright future. But the son in the same mother often shopping in the process of found the love of the clothing. At the age of 10, he was in the basement of the store "Iron Butterfly" began selling self-made wax resist printing t-shirts and leather vest. In 1978, he began working in the fashion institute of technology (New York) the FIT. When he went away from there, in Lothar 's place to find a designer and sales work, where he began to hone and high communication ability of the characters, such as singer Diana Ross and she Streisand. In this he learned what clothing is women want the most. In 1981, Bergdorf Goodman learned that there is such a young talent, then under an order, this is the beginning of the "Michael Kors" brand. Michael Kors kept a low profile in the 80 s, although there is replica michael kors handbags a group of loyal guest Michael Kors clothing models support (17), but he did not jump to the throne that Donna and Calvin Klein. In the early 90 s, he suddenly popular, his small business into a big business. But his Italian designer job in 1993, he was forced to go bankrupt. Grunge (leisure), wind brought his brand showers, and glow vitality. Always practical, luxury "Michael Kors" will be the best casual clothes and star power in the 70 s with humor fusion, reached the hippie new peak (his name brazen series, such as: "the Palm Bitch" and "10021" - Madison square zip code). He has also attracted the attention of the French luxury goods group. LVMH will Michael Kors received, let him to do those famous but old furs and Celine garments. Michael Kors commensurate with Celine was, however, after two seasons, the design for the American design, and signed a five-year contract with him. LVMH also bought the Michael Kors business of a third of the shares. In 2000, the company opened its flagship store at Madison square garden. Perfume "Michael" is released at the same time. Also is this year, he won the CFDA women's clothing. Michael coles left Celine in October 2003, and began to focus on my own brand. His men's wear brand on the market in 2002. In addition to the Michael Kors series brand fashion show, Michael Kors in Michael Kors, set up in 2004, Michael Michael Kors and Kors Michael Kors two deputy brands. KORS Michael KORS for fashion show in order between the series and Michael Michael KORS series. MICHAEL series of products including women's handbags, shoes, and clothing series. The KORS products are shoes and jeans. At present, Michael Kors has in New York City, Beverly hills, Las Vegas, Miami, San Diego, Atlanta, charlotte, costa mesa, open a shop.

American designer Michael Kors Alma mater FIT clothing design institute in 2013 issued by the "fashion art committee award."

Michael kors handbags FIT garment design institute will give the designer the Alma mater, to sure he's remarkable achievements in the fashion industry. In replica michael kors handbags show in New York in 2014, before the spring and summer fashion week officially kicks off on September 4, a luncheon, he will be the prize. The lunch will be Anna Wintour slammed, Linda Fargo, Iman, Karolina Kurkova and Aerin Lauder etc in fashion heavy hitter. Is Michael to get this prestigious award. In fact, he had been before the jury.
FIT costume design institute President Joyce f. Dr Brown said: "start to FIT Michael has a special talent, he created a represents the modern fashion design concept of international fashion brands in the United States." FIT costume design college alumni association has budgeted $1 million for cheap michael kors handbags scholarship. Michael Kors scholarship for outstanding students FIT economic backbone, but also bring in Michael Kors brand headquarters internship and valuable opportunity to directly to Michael to give directions. In the fashion world hold many years gold medal designers will no doubt have a lot of valuable experience to teach lucky scholarship to benefit the people.
Get FIT before Michael kors handbags costume design institute "fashion arts council award" of the designer, such as the Oscar DE la Renta, Karl unabashed Lagerfeld, Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Dries Van Noten and Albert Elbaz, etc.